Pascha Therapy

What is Pascha Therapy?

Pascha Therapy is a way of understanding more about yourself and life through working consciously with your feelings. It is deeply healing Soul centred work which will leave you with a renewed connection to and appreciation of yourself.

How can Pascha Therapy help?

Pasha Therapy assists you to make positive changes in your life. It is a form of counselling or support that guides you to trust and know yourself. This trust grows as you learn how to attend to your feelings (yes those difficult ones) and connect with your innate intuitive ability to find your own answers. Many people suffer from fear, confusion, sadness or other difficult feelings in their lives and become overwhelmed with these at times. Pascha Therapy will guide you to take care of yourself and know what you need to do. It is a very gentle, simple and powerful approach to life, as well as an aid to good health.

It is applicable for all aspects of life and especially useful for relationships – including the most important one which is your relationship with yourself. You don’t need to be in crisis to benefit from this support. It is a wonderful tool for enhancing life and for creating the life you desire.

A Typical Pascha Therapy Session

Penelope’s sessions run for an hour although they can be up to 90 minutes if required. You will be asked what is going on for you or what you need help with. A session will involve being guided to become aware of what you are feeling and how to attend to that feeling. Feelings are not random sensations that pop up in your body. They are a message or signal from within to attract your attention. You will learn how to respond to feelings and access your own inner wisdom.

You may be in crisis or may want a regular session to support your life as it unfolds. Many of Penelope’s clients have regular monthly or so sessions as a form of ongoing support in their lives. Life can just happen to you or you can be more consciously involved in its unfolding.

Pascha Therapy provides an empowering framework for you to design and create the life you want.

History of Pascha Therapy

Pascha Therapy training commenced formally in 2004. It is the brain child – or more correctly the heart child- of Yasmeen Clark. Yasmeen is a deeply gifted spiritual teacher and guide who has been supporting, teaching and guiding others since 1986. She has a profound connection with Spirit whom she has been supported and guided by her whole life. Along with Yasmeen’s lifelong commitment and work with Spirit, she is constantly developing ways to help others discover their truth and open to the true power and purpose of listening to their intuition. Yasmeen Clark is the Principal Teacher and developer of Pascha Therapy. She is also the President of the New Zealand Association of Intuitive and Pascha Therapists.

“Intuition is something that all people know and feel, yet often struggle to trust or believe in..The courage needed to follow what we know is right for us comes from knowing what we are feeling and why. This is a feelings centred focus instead of a mind based analytical approach to life and the challenges that people face in their daily lives.”

Yasmeen Clark
Developer of Pascha Therapy

Penelope is an accredited member of The New Zealand Association of Intuitive and Pascha Therapists which is the governing body to support and regulate all members. For more information visit